The crisis that swept through the country has somehow suspended the activity on the real estate market. But there are situations when you simply need to sell the apartment. And if you approach the deal correctly, then fortune will smile upon you.
Here are some interesting pieces of advice from very experienced realtors.

Rule number 1. Announcement

Smartly decorated ads are a kind of calling cards of your future transactions. Try to make them as informative as you can. Give detailed information about your object of the real estate, for example, specify the number of rooms and the area of each of them, describe the balconies and loggias, mention the floor, note the presence or absence of the elevator and garbage. Tell your clients about the environmental infrastructure, for example, the bus stops, shops, schools, etc.

Rule number 2. Take beautiful pictures.

All people like to see pictures. Be sure to illustrate your announcements with beautiful photographs, and ideally, add the plan of your apartment.

Rule number 3. Correctly estimated price – the key to a successful transaction.

It is important for the potential buyer to know the right price. Then he can roughly estimate if he can buy the apartment. We should not forget that the buyer will surely take advantage of the market situation and ask for a discount. Therefore it is necessary to add an additional 10 – 15% of specially calculated discount to the desired price during the formation of the total one.

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Rule number 4. The first demonstration of the apartment to buyers.

We must try to ensure that your apartment looks presentable on the first demonstration. In order to achieve this, simply clean up the apartment or do a little redecorating. And do not forget that the new furniture or expensive repair in a panel house will not play a significant role, but neat and well-maintained apartments will significantly increase the chance of a good bargain.

Rule number 5. Be honest with the buyer.

Most sellers want to sell the object as soon as possible and are silent, intentionally or not, about some legal issues. Therefore it is very important to be honest with the buyer and provide accurate legal information about your apartment in order to avoid the failure of the deal at the last moment.

Rule number 6. Realtors.

Select your sole right Realtor you trust. It makes no sense to contact several companies for the sale of your real estate. First, competing with each other, they will bring down the price to you, and, secondly, the buyer will be scared away by the same apartment offered by a variety of sellers.
If you do everything carefully and well regarding the sale, you will definitely sell your apartment with good profit, despite the economic situation and other factors.

This article written by the editor of MANAmā

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