In order to purchase real estate in the territory of Latvia, first of all, you will need to open an account at one of the local banks. To do this, the first you need is to select the bank and make a request. This will require:

– Submit your passport
– Inform about the purpose of opening an account
– Complete a special bank form and sign it

Within a few days your request will be considered, and then the bank can ask for some additional information related to the opening of the account (for example, the employment contract, the information about income, etc). If everything goes well, you will need to come to the branch and sign the contract.

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The similar procedure exists for legal entities. But in this case you have to provide all the founders’ documents, the power of attorney, ID card, proof of the beneficiary, and the certificate of activity of the enterprise, if the company is older than one year.

Experts from the project are ready to render you qualified legal assistance in the opening of your account in Latvian banks.

You can also get all the necessary information about all Latvian banks, their reliability and loyalty, and learn in advance the requirements of the banks and pricing on all banking services.

This will help you timely choose the best bank for your goals.

Therefore, with the help of the experts from, the process of opening bank accounts for non-residents could be easy.

This article written by the editor of MANAmā

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