If you go to Latvia, you must remember that there are some rules of public order, which must be strictly observed.
There are some things prohibited in Latvia:

Smoking in public places, carrying open alcohol bottles or being intoxicated in a public place, violation of public order, driving while intoxicated (over 0.5 ppm), hassling passers-by, swearing, disobedience to the requirements of the police. They could be considered as disorderly conduct, which may be followed by arrest or a fine.

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In addition, you should always keep in mind your personal safety. Be careful of strangers trying to meet you, beware of suspicious transactions and pickpockets, pay only in cash in local currency, use only taxis, have an idea about the prices of your order in any of entertainment venues and try to pay immediately after its implementation.

In all emergencies, please remember the phone number 112. This is an emergency call to police, ambulance or fire and rescue services.

This article written by the editor of MANAmāja.lv

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