Great news from the real estate market shows that this segment comes to life after a long period of stagnation!

The numbers of real estate transactions shot up 13% in comparison with the beginning of the summer.

The fact is of interest that prices for apartments in the houses of the Soviet construction rose from about 0.25% to 1.06% over the last month, but the price of housing in new buildings, on the contrary, somehow fell – from 0.14% to 0.9%.

In general, interest in purchasing property appears mainly among non-residents, because for local residents housing prices are still too high.

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With regard to rental apartments in the center of Riga, the demand for them so outstrips offers, that the supply of the proposed apartments is simply exhausted. It not only helps to keep prices at a level, but also contributes to their systematic increase.

According to the research of experts, one and two bedroom apartments in the price range from 350 to 600 EUR per month are in greatest demands.

This article written by the editor of MANAmā

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