A small country on the Baltic Sea madly attracts many Russian people. What is the secret?

What is so interesting in Latvia? Why do so many Russian pop stars, actors and business people choose this country to buy real estate?
It is very simple: when buying a property, worth of 250 000 euros, you have a chance to get a temporary residence permit in the country.

As well as the possibility of visa-free travel in the countries of the Schengen Agreement.

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It can be much faster to get from Moscow to Riga than even to reach many suburban housing estates near the capital of Russia.

But one can get from Riga to any European capital just in a few hours.
As for the quality of service, culture and infrastructure, everything here has a very European standard with relatively low prices.

Latvia is very popular among Russians also because many people speak Russian.
This country has good quality of life, calm rhythm, ecologically clean environment, mild climate and European level of service.

Real estate in Latvia – it is not just a fad, it is taking care of yourself!

This article written by the editor of MANAmāja.lv

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